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Privacy for retrofitting

With our practical retrofit strips, you can easily and affordably transform your fence into an opaque privacy fence! Suitable for all double wire meshes with a mesh height of 200 mm.

Privacy strips made of rigid PVC

The 190 mm high and 2,520 mm long strips are specially made from a durable and UV-resistant material. This not only makes them impact- and scratch-resistant but also resistant to weather conditions and sunlight. For long-lasting quality that still looks good even after many years.

The weaving process is effortless due to the flexibility of the strips. Both professionals and DIY enthusiasts can easily install the retrofit strips without external assistance and entirely without tools with just a few simple steps.

The strips are now available and can be ordered in packaging units of 10 pieces. Single strips are also available to add color accents, providing a variety of individual design possibilities.

The following standard color tones are available and can be combined:

Privacy strips made of PP (Polypropylene)

Our opaque privacy rolls are perfect for all common double-rod grid fences. The strips, made of high-quality and durable PP, can be easily woven through the fence without the need for tools. The PP material is waterproof, mold-resistant, highly dirt-repellent, and approximately UV-resistant for 5 years according to the Wool Scale 7-8.

The strips are easily secured at the ends with clamping rails. The privacy screen serves as an ideal and cost-effective wind and visual barrier for gardens, balconies or commercial areas.

The PP strips are available in 35-meter-long rolls in the following colors:

ATTENTION: Please check before installing the retrofit strips whether the posts of your fence system have sufficient stability regarding the wind zone applicable in your region. Draht Walput GmbH & Co. KG assumes no liability for possible storm damage.