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Double wire fences

Whether at a single-family home as a classic garden fence, for commercial premises, or to meet specific requirements for kindergartens and playgrounds - there are no limits to the applications of our weather-resistant double wire mesh fences.

Double wire mesh fences are a combination of functionality and security, meeting the highest safety standards while allowing for individuality.

PRO version (wire thickness 8/6/8 mm)

The 'heavy-duty' double wire mesh fences are used in projects with high security requirements and heavy loads. Due to the wire thickness of 8/6/8 mm, this model is suitable for securing properties in municipalities, industrial areas and private spaces – ideal also in combination with anti-climbing protection or as a privacy fence.

LIGHT version (wire thickness 6/5/6 mm)

The 'light' double wire mesh fences are primarily used for the individual enclosure of private properties. Due to the wire thicknesses of 6/5/6, the 'light' double wire mesh fences are easy to handle, straightforward to install, and they blend discreetly with the surroundings.

Technical data

Mesh heights

606 - 2.430 mm (in increments  of 200 mm)

Mesh length

2.510 mm

Mesh opening

25/200 mm, 50/200 mm (standard), 100/200 mm

Horizontal wires

Strong spot-welded steel wires, double-sided

  • LIGHT: Ø 6 mm
  • PRO: Ø 8 mm

Vertical wires

Strong spot-welded steel wires, protruding by approximately 24 mm on one side for fence heights of 1830 mm and above

  • LIGHT: Ø 5 mm
  • PRO: Ø 6 mm
  • IMG_20220801_101040
  • IMG_20200304_154742_1
  • IMG_0216
  • IMG_20200721_142137_1
  • IMG_0093
  • IMG_0009
  • IMG_0171
  • IMG_0229
  • IMG_20220225_110008
  • IMG_20220308_145213
  • IMG_20220513_131659


The posts are made of rectangular steel tubes with plastic brackets pre-assembled at the factory, which also serve as an assembly aid for the grid elements and to dampen the noise of the entire fence. Two options are available for fastening:

  • The "reasonably priced": post with pre-assembled plastic holders, as well as the special Allen screws and clamping plates made of stainless steel and a plastic cap without protrusion
  • The "noble": post with pre-assembled plastic holders, as well as a cover strip, the special Allen screws made of stainless steel and an aluminum cap with an overhang


As standard, all steel parts of our double wire meshes and the posts are hot-dip galvanized. The double wire meshes made of galvanized wires represent a cost-effective alternative to our fully galvanized double wire meshes.

We also offer optional high-quality powder coatings in RAL colors. The powder coating is lightfast, firmly adhesive and abrasion-resistant. This combination of galvanizing and powder coating achieves maximum corrosion protection.

Standard RAL colors


Special RAL colors class 1


Special RAL colors class 2


Coatings in other special RAL colors according to the RAL Classic color palette are optionally possible.