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Privacy fences made of mesh fence

Our premium and light privacy fences represent a new, refined generation of visual and wind protection fences. Strikingly simple and innovative ideas are the charm of this unique system. It combines consistent functionality, sober elegance, and an extraordinarily high lifespan into a single product of the highest quality.

The privacy fence capitalizes on the benefits of both metal and plastic. Equally strong and flexible strips of rigid PVC are woven into standardized, fully galvanized steel lattice elements. This design prevents decay, rust, and moss growth, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly maintenance, as seen with wooden fence elements.

The ISO-certified plastic strips, thanks to a special material composition also used in window construction, withstand all weather conditions. The rigid PVC maintains its uniform and intense color depth even as granules before being molded into the respective form. As a result, the privacy fence never requires repainting. Carefully crafted grooves protect the surface of the plastic strips, preventing signs of wear. The ends of the strips are securely attached by bending, ensuring they withstand extreme temperature fluctuations without cracking.

The fence height is variable, and the dimension is freely selectable. This allows individual elements of existing fences to be easily replaced with little effort. This flexibility also applies to the hinged and sliding gates in our range.

Of course, the fences also fully meet our requirements regarding durability and visual variety. The double-rod grids are fundamentally fully galvanized and equipped with powder coatings.

For a harmonious appearance with your property, various standard colors are available. In addition to the standard colors anthracite, moss green, and light gray, the plastic strips are also available in other shades upon request. Due to production, batch-related color variations are possible.

Printed privacy strips are also available. You can choose between a standard motif, such as ivy or broken stone, or an individually selected custom image.